How long will the current trend of "CBD to replacing other drugs," last?

With being a brick and mortar retail store, we have a chance not only to see great customers, but talk face to face with them, understanding their feelings towards our products.  We get asked all the standard questions like: what is CBD, how will this affect me, will I get intoxicated, and how will this affect my other medicines.  First let me start by saying "I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv." That being said, I try to find every article I can about our products for: safety concerns, product dosing, and potency of product.  With our industry (hemp based products) being so new, we understand how easy it is to get misinformation. In this article I found, it talks about the amount of people that use CBD products to replace or supplement otc (over the counter) drugs and prescription medicines.  At our stores we want everyone to be comfortable in the information we give them about our products.  We want them to make an informative choice to use our products or take that information and discuss it with their family, friends or  family physician. In all cases these decisions should not be made easily. 

Big pharma has made it very easy to not think about what we are placing it to our bodies. We get a pill to take. We take that synthetic drug without knowing how it will affect our bodies, 2 hours, 2 months, 2 years from now.  How many big pharma drugs have been harvested 5,000 years ago? 1,000 years ago? 100 years ago?  Maybe a handful.  Hemp has been harvested as the great pyramids were being built. We here at Hemp Hemp Hooray want to help change the future of medicine for you and your family.  If you can safely replace a synthetic medicine with something natural and grown in the earth, why would you not? 

My uncle is a Vietnam veteran that has had so many issues with his body and health.  In the last year of him being on CBD oils, he has removed 17 different medicines from his life. I ask you how can this be wrong?  45 years of big pharm has not helped him.  Instead it has made him a dependent of a broken system. I want everyone to realize that in we are blessed because of living in America, you have the same chance to use these products. Yes we still have issues for FDA regulations and state laws, but you still can get access to information and products. 

Please do your research and feel comfortable with the products you are taking. But please do not hesitate in replacing or supplementing those pharmaceuticals. So in closing do I see the future changing?  Do I see pharmaceuticals being replaced? The short answer-YES. 

Click on the link below to read more information about people replacing over the counter medication with CBD.