Awake Adaptogenic Milk Chocolate (30mg)

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Rise & shine your brightest with adaptogen-infused milk chocolate mocha.

broad-spectrum hemp extract

Calms the mind & enhances mood

milk chocolate

Contains caffeine & theobromine, both of which boost energy

coffee / caffeine

Boosts energy levels, both mental & physical


What's in the 15-day supply of Awake?

Wake up on the right side of the bed, every single day. This chocolate supplement is a perfect balance of alertness and tranquility.

30mg of CBD + 20mg of Caffeine in each delicious, 38% milk chocolate mocha bite for easy and accurate dosing. Formulated to support normal, everyday stresses and help maintain a sense of calm to get you through your day energized and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.*

Non-Psychoactive (No THC)

450mg CBD per case

Organically grown in Oregon

2-Week Supply per case

Low sugar (2g/serving)

For daily use