Mendocino Purple aka "The Purps"-complete bud

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This strain, whether you’re talking about the CBD or THC varieties, originated in California, although now it’s grown all over the country. This particular batch comes from Colorado but don’t worry, it lives up to its name and roots. You’ll get all the effects and the sweet, piney flavor you can expect from very best harvests of Purple Mendocino.

Purple Mendocino is an extremely popular and well-known strain, and one of my personal favorites. Every time I get this strain the buds are dense, sticky, and generally appearing to be of very high quality. As expected, Purple Mendocino has a lot of purple, although the most dominant color is a rich, vibrant green.

The buds were fresh and had just the right amount of dampness, but they still broke down nicely. Not a seed in sight. It tasted fruity, earthy, and with just a hint of gas. It makes sense why this strain (the THC-variety) is an award-winning bud. The effects are a bit heavier than other CBD strains and will have you feeling extremely relaxed. Great if you need to unwind and it might even help you sleep.

Fun fact, purple cannabis gets its color from the temperature that it’s grown in. Certain strains get a purple hue, and some will actually be completely purple and even bluish, when grown in colder environments.

Total Cannabinoids:22.30%  very well balanced strain!

Nose:Fruity and Fresh pine with a hint of gas

Taste:smooth and vibrant with that fuel to push you through. 

Effects: Calming and relaxing.  Under max dosages can led to sleepiness.