Missouri's First - Tin of 14 Prerolls

Missouri's First - Tin of 14 Prerolls

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 Missouri's Firstis the debut brand developed by the team at Hemp Hill. The majority of our initial harvest is available to you as Four varieties of prerolls.

Hemp Hill is an industrial hemp farm and processing company. We were one of a handful of Missouri farms that grew hemp in the twenty-nineteen Season through the State of Missouri’s Pilot Program and a Plant Science Research Collaboration with Saint Louis University. As a result, Hemp Hill had the first successful hemp harvest in the State of Missouri since World War II. From that harvest, our brand, “Missouri’s First,” was born.

Hemp Hill’s farm and headquarters are in Historic Lexington, Missouri, a city that is rich in Missouri Hemp History. Lafayette County and our surrounding counties helped keep Missouri’s place as a leader in hemp production from the eighteen-fifties through the eighteen-seventies. Please visit our local museums to learn more about Missouri’s hemp history.

Green Label: The “Cherry Wine” auto flower cultivar expressed roughly 7.5% CBD (cannabidiol), and 0.27% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). A classic strain for many generations of hemp farming. Frosty and aromatic this flower has “sweet” palate that is fruity, skunky, and piney.

Black Label:The “Blue Genius” auto flower cultivar expressed roughly 4% CBD (cannabidiol), about 0.2% CBG (cannabigerol), and 0.01% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is a robust, full-flavored smoke with a floral aroma that has a relaxing and calming effect.

Space Cannon:Space Cannon is a new strain of premium CBG flower, no longer mixed with CBD like our black label. This vibrant orange and green blend has an earthy aroma. The smoke of this fine product is similar to that of heavy artillery, it will leave your senses defenseless to the onslaught of Cannabigerol (CBG).

Gold Label:Try our new top-shelf product “Delta 8”. This includes CBD and CBG flower which is infused with Delta 8 extract. Recommended for maximum comfort and pain relief.

Each tin contains 14 prerolls that are .75 of a gram. 10.5 grams total weight.